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Saturday, December 15, 2007 

Where in the World is Alexis, TX?

In Van Styles' AZZ FEST 6, that's where...

As you can now clearly see, the reports of Styles' signature series' demise (rumors I may have had a hand in starting) have been greatly exaggerated. To be distributed by Metro, never let it be said that you can't go home again.

Olivia O'Lovely and Lauren Phoenix closed the book on a great chapter in adult at the conclusion of Azz Fest 5 (released Sept. '04!). If the old saying is true and it's hard to keep a good man down then it's even more difficult to keep a great money-making, fan-pleasing series discontinued.

Azz Fest 6 just wrapped and like always you can expect the biggest and the best asses currently available on the adult landscape, starting with arguably the most popular and brightest new star of '07 with all the right remarkable ass-ets, Alexis Texas. Enjoy the sneak peek and keep checking back.

So tired of this racist ho. Let's hope she pulls a Hailey Page.

Tough crowd! A great ass needs no apologies.

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