Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

The Calm Before the Storm

For some reason unbeknownst to me, some of my favorite pornstars are the ones that almost always disappoint me the most. From the inconsistency of Nyla Thai to "hollow-headed" Holly Body to the current incarnation of "65%" August, I can't seem to fully get into some stars unless they've done something to piss me off, too. The love/hate calvacade continues with Mason Storm.

I first saw the infinitely and impossibly beautiful Mason at MILFHunter.com (which, incidentally, was also her very first scene) as busty nurse "Maricel" and she was just my type: an exotic-looking, dark-haired and caramel-complexion'd top heavy latina with a flat-out gorgeous face and body worth holding up a taco stand at gunpoint for. But like always with the girls I seem to adore watching the most, the performance never quite equalled her stunning features. Time after time I was treated to run-of-the-mill outings from a woman who, in the first actual hardcore video I ever saw her in PXP's Fresh New Faces 2, said she would never do anal. I was so bothered by the disinterest and detachment in her work, I was compelled to start a thread. Even if she only rose to strokeable heights a few times (far too few, if you ask me) since I first started watching her, I was at least able to take a little solace in the fact that she started doing something she previously said she'd NEVER do and that's anal. So here they are:

Mason Storm's Top Five Anal Hits:

5. Ass Driven 1 - Madness - Great tease here as always since Mason is a joy to watch solo and loves to have attention lavished on her in that sense. This is one of the rare times where you will see Mason actually "into" what she's doing: she gives an uncharacteristically great blowjob, she lets Van Damage do what Van Damage does and then swallows his pop. When Mase does scenes like this it makes me wonder what instigated the sudden voraciousness and why it's so rarely present in her work.

4. Semen Shots 2 - Devil's Films - This one surprised me because when I got it, I was at a point where I almost didn't even care about Mason anymore; I had nearly given up on her and figured her scene would be yet another "throw away" filler-type apathetic cure for insomnia. I don't think I even knew she was in it, much less taking it down the Hershey Highway. I was all about everyone in this video EXCEPT for Mason. That is, until her scene started. Damn, her outfit was the BOMB. I was immediately blown away. I was like the classic battered wife as I basked in the glow of my television: I was looking at the love of my life, who had abused me time and time again with her half-hearted humping but her body, her face called to me saying "I'll never do it again. Come back and I promise everything will be better. Look, I'm going to let Mark Davis fuck me in the ass just to prove it." Yes, she got me back with this one. I went back to Mason and gave her one more chance. The lure was just too great to resist.

3. Big Wet Asses 2 - Elegant Angel - Despite his swashbuckling appearance, Brian Surewood always brings the goods (and the wood) in the performance department so it goes without saying that I was pleasantly surprised and strangely satisfied when Thomas Zupko decided to end the second installment of his red-hot-at-the-time Big Wet Asses with Mason giving up her holiest of holes to the demented pirate with a shit-ton of A2M thrown in for good measure. I didn't feel like she gave us 100% but then again she never does and this was one of her first anal scenes so I was just happy she looked so damn good in that black mesh top and that she gave up the ass. Everything else suddenly became forgivable.

2. Booty Duty 11 - Elegant Angel - This is another video that landed in my grubby mitts with zero fanfare preceding it. I was in a local sin bin and this DVD was marked down, if I recall correctly, probably cheaper than half price. Elegant Angel was just in the nascent stages of their comeback and in my eyes, had been putting together some solid porn in the past few months so I decided to pick up the box and at least glance at the cast: Ariana Jollee, Roxanne Hall, Gia Jordan...damn, how could I lose? I bought it without hesitation. I get to Mason's scene and full-on expect another all-vag snoozer. Instead, Mason appears in that tight-fitting black Elegant Angel t-shirt and proceeded to let Tony Sexton rock dat azz. Best $$$s I ever spent on Storm.

1. Sweet Cheeks 5 - Anabolic - I'm just going to quote myself here. My initial reaction after seeing this scene was:

"Oh my Lord, let me say I just saw this movie, Sweet Cheeks 5, and CHRIST the Mason Storm we get here is not the same one we're accustomed to usually seeing... [She is] the opposite of what we generally see: lots of eye contact, dirty talk, enthusiasm, aggressiveness and two big Alberto Rey facials to end the scene. Man, if she had performed like this in every scene BEFORE now, she'd be my absolute favorite star. I don't know what she was on this day, but obviously Chico must've given her some Vanessa Del Rio tapes to review because I swear to GOD, that's who I was seeing in more than a few instances throughout the scene. The similarities are downright EERIE, even.

If Mason is on her way to performing like this more frequently and, an even more pleasing thought, on her way to living up to the potential I forecasted for her many moons ago and being the next Del Rio, I'll not only rescind every unkind statement I made about her in this thread but I will gladly print this entire thread out and fuckin' EAT IT after I apologize to her in person."

I will say, though, that in the BTS of the movie, you can see that Mason isn't entirely pleased with taking Rey's facials. She has a somewhat sarcastic and pissy attitude about it and seems very bothered by it all as she makes her way to the bathroom to wash her face. But screw what happened OFF-camera, what got captured ON-camera is sure to please any Mason Storm fan as it certainly made my day. Hell, I might go watch it right now because just talking about it makes me want to see it again.

Honorable mention goes to her scene with Claudio Meloni, Shayna Knight and Alicia Rhodes in Evil Angel's Tales from the Crack. She does more anal here but there's so much going on, rarely is the focus soley on her.

*A note to consumers who also happen to be Belladonna fans: if you buy Elegant Angel's Booty Duty 11, the bonus scene is from Booty Duty 10; Belladonna with Mark Davis. If you buy Devil's Films' Semen Shots 2 it will come with a bonus compilation disc. If you're lucky, you'll get Anal Pounding 3 like I did which features Belladonna and Mark Davis together again in Tits & Ass 1.