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Sunday, August 12, 2007 


While other companies continue to age or outright fold, a few others attempt to shake things up in a major way, deftly dodging becoming dinosaurs.

This is a tale of two companies. Each with illustrious and storied adult entertainment histories. But also two ships rapidly sinking and desperately in need of a way to right themselves.

Both Elegant Angel and Anabolic Video have found the means to inject a feeling of youth, vitality and freshness by handing the reins over to creative directors who, while their respective outlooks on porn may vary from the norm, the results can't be denied. The buzz is heavy and with good reason.

Elegant Angel - Quirky Yet Experienced Auteurs Don't Fight Change; They Face & Embrace It

After rocketing back to prominence on the strength of basing new and innovative lines around popular and dynamic performers, Elegant Angel has done it yet again, using their can't-miss formula to ressurect two of their classic and iconic lines and hand them over to two of the best directors to ever peer through a viewfinder.

William H is almost single-handedly responsible for Elegant's resurgence. He's shot camera or directed nearly every one of their releases since coming onboard with Heavy Handfuls 2 in 2002. I still remember the day I picked up Booty Duty 11 on a lark (seeing as how it looked much different than anything I had seen from Elegant in recent years and the cast was the SHIT) and I've been following the former Mr. Nutsack ever since. His resume is much too long to reproduce here but William has done every fetish, genre and niche movie you can think of since hanging his trademark bucket hat at Elegant. The recent installments of Big Wet Asses (previously created by former Elegant Angel director Thomas Zupko) are probably his best. Knowing asses like he does likely made him an easy choice to captain the new BUTTWOMAN movie starring Brianna Love.

Mason. Mysterious, enigmatic and William H's spiritual "sister", controversy and critical acclaim have followed this notoriously reclusive directrix wherever she has decided to don her identity-shielding burka. Frustrating at times to follow because of her frequent self-imposed hiatuses (she has been directing just as long as William H but has produced only a fraction of his output), Mason has worked at Patrick Collins' House of Ideas before, shocking the world with her two Dirty Trixxx and Lady Fellatio movies before disappearing and reemerging at Platinum X Pictures with Sexual Disorder and Riot Sluts. She was responsible for some fairly amazing scenes and more of what her fans expected (Riot Sluts 2 for PXP and Sluts at Excessive Entertainment) then suddenly resurfaced at Elegant Angel once again, this time cleverly disguised as SAM NO and blessing us with a more tame vision than her followers are used to with Massive Asses. That identity, thankfully, has been cast aside in favor or returning to her old familiar moniker to trumpet the crowning of a new SLUTWOMAN, Annette Schwarz and their Scorsese/DeNiro-like collaboration. A famously depraved mind paired with the most prolific performer to emerge from Germany since Katja Kassin, who willing nicknamed herself 'Circus Pferdchen' (Pferdchen translates as "little horse" or "prostitute" in German). I can't wait to see the results.

Anabolic - New Directors Tackle Historic Lines While Predecessors' Ghosts Loom Large

True fans of adult can't help but get a little misty-eyed when one mentions series like Bring Em Young, Initiations, Nice Rack, Up Your Ass, The Gangbang Girl, Women of Color, Balls Deep, Sweet Cheeks, Oral Consumption and the A Cum Sucking Whore Named... line (which has starred a virtual who's who of talent over the years: Katsumi, Belladonna, Shyla Stylez, Aurora Snow, Francesca Le and Adrianna Sage just to name a few). We all remember the halcyon days at Anabolic and their classic cadre of talent:

Mike John: Directed Up Your Ass 12-20 after Sean Michaels' run on 1-11 but is probably more noted for helming the Down The Hatch, Lewd Conduct and most famously, Perverted POV for sister company Diabolic before moving on to Red Light District where Perverted POV became POV Pervert and innovated No Cum Dodging Allowed and Semen Sippers amongst others before finally landing at Jules Jordan Video.

Lexington Steele: Balls Deep 1-7 and The Black Bastard were his calling cards as he presided over a few Initiations and also the classic Women of Color series. Created Iron Maidens at Diabolic. Started his own Mercenary Pictures after an ill-fated deal with Red Light District.

Jon Dough: Created the long-running Bring 'Um Young series and shot the first the majority of the first eighteen installments and also the first three volumes of Ass Cream Pies, Nice Rack 9 & 10. His Spring Chickens 1-5 and Un-Natural Sex 1-6 appeared under the Diabolic banner. Dough tragically committed suicide late last year.

Erik Everhard: Picked up Un-Natural Sex where Dough left off with 7-9, was the brains behind Sweet Cheeks 1-4 and 2-on-1 11-14 at Diabolic. Was a part of the exodus to Red Light District where he was responsible for the series Outnumbered, Sport Fucking, Ass Obssessed and others. Currently directs for Jules Jordan Video after a short-lived relationship with Evil Angel.

Directors Su, Sal Genoa, Yani Z and Rob E. Digital kept the ship afloat in the interim and provided some good porn (Teenage Anal Princess, Lascivious Latinas) and the less said about the way-too-long Chico Wang era the better. At least someone eventually recognized the leak in the hull and moved to patch it up before it was too late. When one takes into account their past, it's easy to see that their new directors will have huge shoes to fill. They are:

Ivan: Well-known for his work at Tom Byron's now-defunct Evolution Erotica and his Dawn of the Head and Texas' Asshole Massacre movies, he has since directed A2M 11, Sweet Cheeks 8 and created Cream Plosions at Anabolic. He continues to do big things, going the extra mile and releasing Anabolic's first two-disc set for his Nice Rack 15.

Whitney Stevens, Natasha Nice & Ryaan Reynolds

Ricky D: In late May, Rick Lovin officially moved from Diabolic and jumped ship to the Anabolic side of the house. While over at Diabolic, Ass For Days and Hot Sauce demonstrated his love for big butts and spicy latinas, respectively but he also managed to churn out 2-on-1's 22-27 and Incumming 6-12 (Incumming 6 was his first movie). Sweet and Petite 3 was his first Anabolic release and I'm anxiously anticipating his take on Bring 'Um Young with the upcoming #25.

Veronique Vega, Sativa Rose & Lela Star

Tony T: Previously reviled for his seeming mental instability, asshole-ish intensity and rough play during scenes, a maturing Tony has since dialed his antics back a notch and is rapidly emerging as a solid, reliable talent. He was the perfect choice to create a Gag Factor-like blowjob series called I Wanna Get Face Fucked while simultaneously shooting Sweet Cheeks 6, Up Your Ass 27 and Balls Deep 8 & 12.

Porn ain't dead. It just lives in two new houses.