Sunday, June 07, 2009 

I Feel Like...Bustin' Loose

If there is one truism in the adult industry, it is that you can count on there never being a shortage of eager, young female talent; some chomping at the bit to make a name for themselves, others wanting nothing more than to avoid notoriety and remain under the radar so as not to arouse the suspicion of family and friends while they obtain a quick financial jumpstart. Girls rush this sordid sorority for any number of reasons and just as often make unceremonious exits for reasons equally as complicated. But for as many women who find themselves carelessly careening on the most uncaring carousel of California's flesh circus, only once in a great while is the business blessed with a talent that is utterly and truly unique.

"The mark of greatness is when everything before you is obsolete and everything after you bears your mark."

Whether currently active or enjoying "retirement" there are only a handful of names that still evoke strong reactions and fond memories whenever they are mentioned. Of course, the Vanessa Del Rio's and Nina Hartley's go without saying. But in this millennium alone we've had our share of personalities who will likely be remembered as legendary. Belladonna. Taylor Rain. Ariana Jollee. Jenna Haze. Sasha Grey. If porn were sports, its pornstars "sexual athletes" and you were one of their peers, these are the names that you would undoubtedly feel honored to be mentioned amongst. These are the Larry's, Magic's and Jordan's of their field during their era.

The field becomes even narrower when you focus on a single genre. For me, my predilection has always been to lean towards the more buxom and busty end of the spectrum. If porn has never hurt for fresh faces, it's suffered even less for a magnificent and endless procession of extraordinary breasts (this list expands exponentially if we venture beyond these shores). Whether natural (Charley Chase, Sativa Rose), artificially enhanced (Carmella Bing, Velicity Von) or downright dubious (Amy Ried), we've seen our fair share of some truly amazing tits in recent years. Fantasies in the flesh, they are the reason we watch porn in the first place: impossibly beautiful, cartoonishly built and the filthiest of fucks who do the dirtiest things we can only dream about to their lucky castmates. But if I had to narrow it down to five sets that completely changed the landscape, dominated the market and stole every box cover once they were unveiled, they would be:

5. Cassandra Calogera ('07) - The "newest" star on my list, this is a girl I once called the "future" of this specialty scene. If fucking were an organized sport and the powers-that-be were looking to aggressively market their best and brightest to attract new fans, Calogera (The Naughty Cheerleaders Club) would already have a variety of million dollar endorsements with Nike kicking off a campaign of clever commercials featuring a puppet version of herself (Hell, she and Jenna Doll could have been the Kobe/Lebron of the genre but Doll subtracted herself from the equation when she proved to be practically allergic to semen).

In Big Wet Tits 6 (Elegant Angel, 2008), I noted: "Number one, her eyes are simply mesmerizing. I find it nearly impossible to look directly into them and not be hopelessly and helplessly entranced. Secondly, her mouth is a marvel; perfect, pouty and the more I see of it, just plain perversely passionate when it’s got a prick trapped between her fantastically full lips."

4. Natasha Nice/Whitney Stevens ('06) - Immediately breaking my own rules, I couldn't narrow the list down to simply five because I couldn't, in good conscience, bring myself to leave either of these cuties off of it. Just when the big bust market was in danger of starting to sag and become stale, these two soft-skinned doe-eyed ingénues, neither old enough to legally purchase alcohol at the time of their debuts, burst onto the scene with shy smiles, drool-worthy and full floppies and injected new blood into a niche that for the two previous years had been in an unrivaled and undeniable stranglehold by the three women below. Catch them both in Jonni Darkko's BOOB BANGERS 4 (Evil Angel, 2007).

3. Sara Stone ('04) - "She's always struck me as someone who has lots of energy but rarely puts it to good use. I've never found anything she does particularly exciting or in any way above average but I have to admit to liking Sara Stone (Young Ripe Mellons 8, Big Titty Woman 2), at least physically."

A somewhat tame and tepid performer at best (with no interracial or anal sex in her repertoire to speak of, either), Sara nonetheless managed to amass a fan base as sizeable as the mounds on her chest strictly on the strength of those glorious globes and a smile capable of simultaneously melting your heart and sending enough blood to your crotch to stiffen your nether regions and loosen your grasp on your wallet. She retired briefly in '07 only to return in late '08/early '09, much to the delight of big boob connoisseurs everywhere.

2. Brandy Talore ('04) - I first caught the adorable and lusciously thick Brandy when she was just doing the nude modeling and solo masturbation thing for SCORE magazine. When she made the decision to finally make the leap to hardcore (beginning with Lethal-Hardcore's BUILT FOR SEX 2), I was ecstatic...that is, until I saw her first few performances. She was pretty boring to watch to say the very least and I soon and often wondered if all my excitement was for naught. With time, though, came slight but steady improvement. Fortunately for her fans today, the timid newbie with the super natural chest is long gone and in her place stands a spectacular 5-year veteran who has finally got her act down pat. Her best assets, to me however, are those fantastic nipples. Each one looks like a tremendous gooey gumdrop, begging to be pinched, tugged, licked, gnawed and creamed on. Those things are amazing.

1. Gianna ('04) - An indomitable force so immediately recognizable, so spectacular, she needs only a single name (even if she's been saddled with the last names "Michaels" and sometimes "Rossi" throughout her career). George Bernard Shaw has been attributed with saying, "The goal of an artist is to create the definitive work that cannot be surpassed." Well, if God can be called an artist, consider Gianna His definitive work.

Five-foot ten-ish and every inch of it all-natural and plush WOMANHOOD, Gianna (”G” For Gianna) consistently and constantly exudes a fun and playful vibe while simultaneously maintaining the appearance of a voracious and insatiable genuine thirst for sex during her scenes. She is by far, the most pro-active and energetic on-screen screw on this list. She can be smiling and laughing (and oh my, what a laugh it is) one second and then the minute a guy (or guys) finds her spot, she's suddenly staring a hole through them (directly into their SOUL, it seems at times) with a transfixing and seductively hypnotic gaze, intensely concentrating on getting herself off. And those otherworldly tits of hers just never stop bouncing, jiggling and/or swaying back and forth the entire time. She recently made the decision, after five-plus years of performing and Pavlov's dog-like salivating and boundless anticipation from her die-hard fans, to finally open up her backdoor in Elegant Angel's upcoming BIG WET ASSES 15.

I said of her performance in Martin Del Toro’s BANG MY TASTY TWAT (Platinum X Pictures, 2006): "She twists Chris Charming's cock as she strokes the nut up out of it and literally slurps it out right from the head of his dick. He, in turn, reacts like she just sucked his LIFE FORCE out. She EMPTIED him and left HIS legs shaking.

Then she laughed.

God, I love that bitch."

See what I mean in this clip from Devils Films’ Titty Worship