Saturday, November 18, 2006 

Someone Please Pass Along...

This very important message to Eva Angelina (the first girl in my blog's banner):

CJ says: "I have $400."

Nike Men's Air Max Goadome
More popular with blacks than crown air fresheners and grape soda...

It's amazing to me that Nike can come out with ONE boot this fall season and nearly every black male I know will run out and buy it, despite knowing FOR A FACT that every other black male they know will have that EXACT SAME BOOT. If there's one thing I hate about being black or basically just living in the world today, it's that when something is "in", you see it everywhere. There's no individuality when you go to the club nowadays -- it's almost as if someone issued a uniform at the door. And now these damn boots. But everyone will get them anyway. Why? Well, for one they're $150. So yeah, your boy might have'em but it's like having that damn Playstation 3; it's more a status symbol because people will know exactly how much you paid for it. I mean, even in kid's sizes they're still $120. That's ridiculous. So, you may ask: do I have a pair?

Fuckin' right I do. What can I say? I'm weak. And they look sooo fly with jeans. Kudos to Nike for knowing my race's kryptonite: undeniably hot gear. Sometimes I don't know whether to acknowledge their genius or plot an assassination of one of their best designers. A conundrum for sure. I'm torn between my socio-economic self-awareness and my desire to simply look good. Damn you, you corporate fucks.

Steve Jobs, you genius son of a *$#@!%^*&!!!
Bill Gates says, "Lemme upgrade you!"

I'm not sure how many of you use iTunes as your media player of choice but yo, this latest (seventh) version r0xx0rz mah b0xx0rz. For real. I once thought myself weird for my obnoxiously anal attention to detail where it concerned the organization of my mp3 library but this lil' piece 'o software has made the hours spent pouring obsessively over artists' names, album titles, genres, collecting album covers, assorted pictures and artwork so completely worth it. My wildest dreams have finally been realized. The carousel of covers (complete with that slick reflection effect underneath)? Yeah, that's a good look. iTunes 7 is the coolest thing since that other invention that came out about thirty years ago on a cold day in April -- me. It still remains a distant second, though.