Sunday, November 25, 2007 

Deadly Nightshade

The smile. The tattoos. The awesome natural tits. The legendary ass and arch. The girl-next-door, adorable face and the genuinely sweet personality (both of which are clearly evident and more prominent should you ever meet her in person). Meet Belladonna the totally insatiable slut and gleeful do-anything whore of your dreams. Her baseball bat in the ass in No Limits is the stuff you tell (rather, warn) your grandkids about.

I'll admit I was late to the Belladonna bandwagon. I was still getting back into porn when she began tearing up sets in 2000 so it was actually Diane Sawyer who introduced me to this poor little girl from Utah who the industry and her abusive performer boyfriend had used up and thrown away. Like all starlets who denounce the business after they've done everything under the sun, I was skeptical. I went back and found what I had been missing. All it took was one scene to convince me that Belladonna was a lifer and no one had taken advantage of her. She was a goddamn phenom and she was most definitely in the right business.

5. Straight to the A 1/Redlight District (2002) -
dir. Vince Vouyer
w/Mark Ashley & Darren James
My introduction to Bella and the scene that pretty much assured me that no one who can stick four fingers and two cocks in her ass with a smile can be all bad. I don't think I had ever seen anything quite this nasty in a long while and Bella served to shock me into the new millennium with her antics. After seeing this, I was desperate to see more.

4. A2M 1/Anabolic (2002) -
dir. John Strong.
w/Erik Everhard & John Strong
This scene is the definition of intense and I believe that even if the title hadn't been A2M that wouldn't have stopped Bella from repeatedly gagging on Everhard and Strong's dicks to taste her own ass over and over again. Throughout, the trademark gap-toothed grin remains permanently affixed to her face and she constantly (and genuinely) remarks how much she loves it (even during the double-anal, which was definitely still somewhat new to me at the time). Rog called it one of the best anal scenes of that year. But he miscalculated. It's probably one of the best anal scenes of all-time.

3. Sweet Cheeks/Anabolic (2002) -
dir. Erik Everhard.
w/Jon Dough & Lexington Steele
Shot during Anabolic's heyday and with the three gentlemen involved, you are assured quality. Another DP that ends with big loads for Bella. She works her normal magic with Lex, nearly deepthroating my man multiple times.

2. Lex Steele XXX 2/Redlight District (2003) -
dir. Lexington Steele.
w/Avy Scott & Lexington Steele
The inclusion of Avy Scott (who has a very real and palpable affection for Bella in this scene; they were roommates at the time, IIRC) puts it just a notch above her barn-burner with Lex in Up Your Ass 19. Until the recent Cock Happy, this was THE Bella vs. Lex scene to see. The trademark long black tresses are a thing of the past by this point in her career: Bella shocked fans by sporting a blonde buzzcut in this scene, if you recall that period, and it served to be a bit of foreshadowing to the very "different" and carefree Belladonna we would see in the years that followed.

1. Ass Worship 2/Evil Angel (2002) -
dir. Jules Jordan.
w/Erik Everhard, Jay Ashley & Pat Myne
Jules has shot Belladonna plenty of times over the years and even worked with her a few times himself but NONE of those scenes compares to this one. This is THE ONE that flat-out made me a Belladonna fan for LIFE. Here Bella takes on three of the most intense and hardcore male performers of that time (and still, really) and makes it look easy. Jules captures that ass doing things I CONTINUE to marvel at today. Just typing this paragraph makes me wanna pull my copy down and watch it again. It is here that Bella pulled out all the stops and proved she was not only a force to be reckoned with but simply UNPARALLED. If you want see the EXACT moment when Bella got the crown, this is the movie, this is the scene. When the boys lock her in airtight, *I* am in heaven. I can't tell you how many times I've completely and utterly failed making it to the cum-farting finale. You're not truly a porn fan if you haven't seen this. I remember sitting in stunned amazement the first time I did. You will, too.

After seeing all this, I realized Sawyer's PrimeTime Live piece didn't have a leg to stand on. Belladonna was no one's victim. She was in it to win it and as we've all seen since, she's still winning.