Thursday, January 25, 2007 

Who's Gonna Take The Weight??? II

Monday, January 22, 2007 

Furious Styles

"Nadia F‘N Styles -- a completely innocent ingénue’s face and body wrapped around the sexuality and experience of a whore three times her age. This girl is a damned phenom, a sapphic savant and a rip-roaring revelation for fans of chicks who are baby faced but fuck like unleashed lust demons." - Crucifixio Jones, Toe 2 Toe review

Doing most of her early shoots for Peter North (First Offense 3, North Pole 50 & Maximum Thrust 4) and New Sensations (Double Teamed, Naughty College Schoolgirls 33) I didn't really take notice of Nadia Styles until Van Styles got his hands on her so most of my picks consist of the stuff he's shot with her. One thing you will notice throughout is that most reviewers have nearly the same exact compliments and comments on Nadia. Everyone speaks highly of her energy and intensity, how she attacks every scene like it's her last and best sex ever and of course, her great and fresh baby-faced looks:

Toe 2 Toe - Hustler - Billy Glide's XXX Adventures: Island Fever was the first place I ever saw Nadia squirt but this is where I saw it the best. Nadia is her typical high-energy self here with Scott Nails only this time with some wet orgasms thrown in for good measure.

Teen Dreams 7 - New Sensations - This is the first movie I ever saw Nadia in and I'm ashamed to say that somehow I managed to overlook her. When I watch it now, I wonder how this was even possible (checkin' for Teagan and falling in love with Eva Angelina is how, I've since come to realize). It's almost impossible to believe that this early on in her career that Nadia was so comfortable and uninhibited on camera. She takes an unmistakable and undeniable joy in having Mick Blue's cock rammed in and out of her. You simply cannot wipe the smile off her face once he's inside her.

Rog says: "...look at what happens to this girl when she gets a tongue on her clit or a cock in her pussy. She goes nuts, screaming and squirming like she’s never had it so good. ...Nadia loves any position that fills her up. The energy in this scene is great from the start..."

Barely Legal: Bootcamp - Hustler - The first of many romps with buddy Sativa Rose and about the millionth time she screws Kurt Lockwood. Sativa looks great here and Kurt is an adequate swordsman but it's Nadia who steals the show (Rog says: "Nadia waits patiently for her turn, but when she gets the chance, rides like she can’t get enough.") and is regularly doing anal (exclusively for Hustler at this time in her career) by this point so she puts on quite the performance. She and Sativa seem to regularly make magic when they're in the same room (check Jules Jordan's Tunnel Vision and Jonni Darkko's Load Sharing for more proof).

Barely Legal: Corrupted 1 - Hustler - Her first on-screen anal and Kurt Lockwood gets the honors. It's basically a redux of their Mamacitas 5 outing, continued with anal. Obviously, not her first anal EVER as she brings some serious intensity, as per usual and takes her backside banging with all the relative ease of an anal veteran. I remarked: "her intensity when giving head...Believe me, if she displayed any more verve she‘d likely break her own neck."

Other critics agree...

Pocketcomb Pimp: "Old girl put on quite a show [but] I will say that it was less than believable. On the other hand she looked so fucking incredible that I was completely able to overlook that flaw."

Rog: "She is also pretty easy on the eyes. Her energy is outstanding.. I’m afraid she doesn’t make a very convincing anal virgin, but we can forgive her that I think."

Kelly: "...this is easily the hottest I have ever seen her look due in part to her outfit as well as to her sexy make-up...This is as good a “first anal scene” as I have ever seen."

CJ: "It's funny how a simple change of wardrobe and a little makeup can change the extremely diminutive and innocent-looking Styles into a full-blown woman just like *that.*"

Mamacitas 5 - Video Team - This movie marks the first time I truly SAW Nadia. A naughty nurse, Nadia took me by surprise and totally rocked my world. I couldn't understand why this skinny brunette's scene was saved for last but once it was over, I didn't question it. This is the scene that hooked me and I've been checking for Nadia ever since. " would get the impression watching her that this is the best sex Nadia’s ever had in her LIFE. Why didn't anyone tell me about this woman? Wow, get on the bandwagon now before it’s too late, for real for real. I get the feelin' the more Nadia works, the more fans she's gonna have. It's impossible to see her and NOT like her," I raved.

Adult DVD Talk reviewer Linus says: "This is pure gold from Nadia, she is cute, sexy and incredibly energetic from start to finish...a great intense fuck...definitely one of her better one-on-one scenes."

Honorable mentions:
Trophy Whores (Evil Angel/Jonni Darkko), Grand Theft Anal #8, Who's Your Daddy? #5 (Zero Tolerance), Sex Fiends (Platinum X), Take It Black #4 (Hustler/Van Styles), Super Squirters #2 (Venom/Jordan Septo), 2-On-1 #23 (Diabolic/Ricky D) and Hustler/Van Styles' upcoming Gaped Crusaders (an on-the-set report from what would be Nadia's final all-natural scene before getting enhanced.)