Monday, August 02, 2010 

Mid-Year Top 10, 2010 (Sort Of)...

I understand that this is the very definition of "a day late and a dollar short", being a month later than usual. But, admit it: this hasn't exactly been the best year for the business. Nor has there been many fresh new faces worth talking about; rising, glistening and shimmering, from an unfortunately, very shallow talent pool. So for right now, what you see is what you get...

10. Charley Chase
Watermelons 2, Round Latin Asses, Busty POV, Massive Asses 5

If it were physically possible for Cameron Diaz and Mila Kunis to produce an actual lovechild, the result might look like this Italian/Puerto Rican wildcat from Kentucky. At it for the better part of three years now, Charley Chase (a true triple-threat who loves interracial sex who is blessed with both huge God-given breasts and a round, wide ass) is finally starting to be appreciated by her peers and fans alike and without the inclusion of funnel-assisted, cum-gargling sexual circus acts to her repertoire. Her performances are all-natural and organic, the perfect complement to a body so booming from head-to-toe, it has landed her in nearly every genre, niche and fetish flick you can imagine.


9. Kerry-Louise
Asslicious 2, Rack Jobs, Heels and Whores

Kerry-Louise is the best and current entry in a long and storied tradition of fantastically filthy birds from England coming Stateside to entertain US audiences with their own unique brand of debased and uninhibited, no-holds barred sexual acrobatics (but surprisingly, no anal). She brings with her a horny Lincolnshire accent, an over-the-top bedside manner, a larger-than-life personality to match her oversized proportions (32FF-24-34), enormous collagen-inflated DSLs and a tattoo (one of many) on the inside of her left bicep that reads, ”Act like a PRINCESS, Fuck like a Slut.” If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about Kerry-Louise, nothing will.


8. Juelz Ventura
Black Listed 2, Lex the Impaler 5, Rico the Destroyer 2

Once known as Layna Laurel, Juelz Ventura (the name she took on when she augmented her breasts in 2008 to a 32D from her formerly natural 32A's) was born in Brasilia, Brazil and raised in Oak Creek, WI. When she first leapt onto the hardcore scene, I'll admit that I paid her little attention and assumed she'd simply be the implanted version of her equally un-tame-able agency-mate, Andy San Dimas. Oh, how wrong I was. Not only is Juelz energetic and unintimidated, she doesn't shy away from Cock of Color, either which is, from where I'm sitting, always a plus.


7. Amia Moretti
Teenage Pink POV 4, Just Over Eighteen 22, Jailbait 7

When you talk “teens”, I have to say that she, hands down, rules the roost from a performance standpoint. The girl can simply do no wrong. I once posted:

"Does Amia Moretti depress me about porn? Precisely the opposite, actually. This kid is one of the few performers today that gives me HOPE about girls in the business. Like many here, I couldn't care about her reasons for choosing to do it or her off-camera dealings; what she does on-camera is what concerns me and she's currently Top 10 material in my book when it comes to that.

The OP sounds more "depressed" about society in general and the factors that put a girl like Amia into the business than about porn itself. But if he IS worried about Amia in relation to fucking and sucking - don't even trip: she's got that shit handled."


6. Jennifer White
Barely Legal 97, Schoolgirl POV 8, American Anal Sluts

The last girls that I can recall hitting the ground running this quickly, this effortlessly and had this kind of buzz amongst hardcore fans went by the names Taylor Rain and Bree Olson. And if you know who they are, then you know that if this is your profession, that's not bad company to be in. And if you've never seen Ms. White perform, it gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect when you do. Brace yourself.


5. Gracie Glam
Starlets 2010, Cum Spoiled Brats, Jerkoff Material 5, Teen Glazing

Every so often, a new girl comes along that is just so naturally hypnotizing, there's no need for gimmicks or circus acts. You'd watch her do next to absolutely nothing and be perfectly willing to pay for the privilege. Remember Karina Kay? Penny Flame? Girls so magnetic, so full of personality that it didn't matter what they were doing or who they were doing it with, you wanted to witness it. Gracie Glam is one such girl. And those eyes?! If there were ever a set that deserved the designation of "bedroom", it's this pair.


4. Asa Akira
Swimsuit Calendar Girls 4, Asa Visits London

This Japanese Princess was Gonzo Royalty before she ever stepped foot on a set. Few can match her performances. Even fewer, her looks. If there’s any doubt, check Jules Jordan’s Invasian 4 and hit me back when you’re able catch your breath. When London Keys is the only other girl even CLOSE to being in her lane or satisfying fans of Asa's niche, that gives you an idea of how wide the gap truly is between her and the rest of the pack. R.I.P. to the competition. Asa Akira is Insatiable.


3. Kristina Rose
Bootylicious Girls, Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman

In my mind, Kristina Rose is the REAL reigning AVN Performer of the Year and still the girl to "beat" come January. Honestly, who else is in the running? Who poses a threat? Is there a better ALL-AROUND performer working that I don't know about? I doubt it. If there is any justice in the world, this will be her year.


2. Mason Moore
Busty Housewives 4, Slutty and Sluttier 11

Don't let the old cliché' discourage you: sometimes judging a book by its cover can be a good thing. I knew from the minute I laid eyes on Mason Moore that she was something special and she has been one of the rare talents over the past five years who has actually managed to exceed my expectations. Her look (big fake tits, long nails, tattoos and piercings) will divide viewers down the middle as far as where they place their loyalty (and $$$) but if you can find a better PURE PERFORMER, regardless of the packaging, please email me. I don't think one currently exists. If AVN gave out a Most Improved Porn Star Award, Moore would and should be the only nominee.


1. Sadie West
Angels of Debauchery 8, Pornstars Punishment 1

This is the first time in a long time that I've been stumped for a single word to describe a woman. Seriously - Webster is actually going to have to INVENT a new one because I went through the dictionary front to back and I still can't find a single one that fits "Psycho" Sadie West. Even more amazing is that Ms. West was once a New Sensations exclusive contract performer. Well, lemme be the first to tell ya: Ashlynn Brooke she ain't. This girl is an entertainer. She has yet to take the anal plunge (not really a prerequisite for my fanboi adulation nor adoration) but right out of the gate, she popped up in so many interracial titles once she put Scott Taylor's company in her rear view, I literally lost count and I started to wonder exactly why I never saw THIS Sadie while she was under contract. Because the REAL Sadie, the one we're getting now, attacks every single scene, regardless of whom it’s with, with such ferocious intensity that it's hard not to become instantly and seriously concerned for the poor girl's safety and sometimes even question her SANITY. Seriously, her onscreen histrionics are downright unhinged and frankly, a bit bizzare. I believe that if she wanted to, she could take over the world. I mean, if Jenna Haze could do it...