Monday, January 21, 2008 

I Have a Nightmare...

It's a damn shame that starving kids in Africa got "We Are the World" and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. got this...

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Friday, January 04, 2008 

Hello New World

Ones to Watch in 2008

10. Abbey Brooks

I've had my eye on Abbey Brooks since she debuted. Back then she was in a relationship with someone and thus was only doing g/g. Now she's not and she's not. As you can probably imagine, I'm watching her a little bit more intently now. Soft, blonde and all-natural with an irresistable smile and huge creamy, floppy boobs, she can't work nearly enough in the new year, as far as I'm concerned.

9. Renae Cruz

Renae Cruz is going to benefit from the lack of really hot and capable latina performers currently. Once there were too many to count (typical of latins, huh?)...but now it's just Renae Cruz. Looking at her right now, I'm not terribly upset about Cruz's stranglehold on the game.

8. Rachel Roxxx

Dubbed Rachel "Nothin' But Heat" Roxxx earlier this year by me and a friend (shout to DJ Drama!), because this girl's scenes, for a newbie, are simply on fire. She's that all-too-familiar, almost-guilty pleasure: the cute lil' girl next door who looks and fucks like a grown-ass woman.

7. Claudia Downs

If you wanna make an immediate splash in adult, enter the biz with a unique hairdo. It's certainly working for bleach-blonde and pixie-cut alabaster kewpie doll, Claudia Downs. And the fact that she's a depraved, do-it-all, IR-hungry, cum-guzzling porcelain prodigy doesn't hurt, either.

6. Angelina Valentine

If there was a Supreme Blowjob Ambassador of the Year award, Angelina Valentine would've gotten my vote in '07. When this sassy Venezualan first appeared on the scene she was a little more flat up top than she is right now but since pumping up, she's been on a slutty, cock-slurping tear. Call it a hunch but I think she's gonna be a real trouper and "suck it up" throughout '08, as well.

5. Kelly Devine

Porn's got an infatuation with big ass'd white girls. It can't even be considered an anomaly anymore (I'm lookin' at you Chelsie Rae, Alexis Texas, Charlotte Stokely, etc.). It goes back as far as Nina Hartley, if not further. But the latest in this long line of proud jizz biz tradition is Kelly Devine, a pouty-lipped brunette with REEEEEdiculous ass. Welcome to this lewd lineage, Kelly. Make us and your predecessors proud.

4. Jenny Hendrix

People are already all piled up a mile high on the Jenny Hendrix bandwagon and trying to get a taste of her Anal Experience. She's going to be around a while and I'm sure that with that backyard, if that's your thing, it'll all be worth witnessing. Fans are already lined up...all along the watchtower.

3. Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr's my personal number one, to be completely honest. My choice, if you will. ;) You haven't actually seen cowgirl performed correctly until you've seen this lil' buckeroo do it (coincidence?), trust me on that one. This Dallas native is a star like the 50-yard line at Texas Stadium and you'll see for sure in '08. That much I guarantee.

2. Priya Rai

The fuckin' fanboy 'net buzz surrounding Indian Priya Rai is driving me goddamn banana sandwich, for real. I put her here at #2 not because I've personally enjoyed a damn thing she's done since making the leap to hardcore but because it will be interesting to see her either fall flat on her face (or rather, on those enormous bolt-ons) or quit doing b/g in less than six months time. I can't wait to tease her "fans."

1. "Adrenalynn"

This is a curious pick for me as well, seeing as how the former Adrenalynn (now Digital Playground "property", Adrianna Lynn (TM) ) is bound by the most hated, restriction-enforcing, work-limiting of all devices: the exclusive performer contract. But before signing with porn's equivalent of Satan, this ballerina/tattoo artist had all the tools (including, I shit you not, a tattoo around her ASSHOLE!) to immediately take the world by storm. Instead she'll now be doing it one slow-mo, cheesy soundtrack'd movie at a time, maybe six times a year if we're lucky, for that horse head company that gave us such uncontrollable jackoff-inducing fare as fuckin' PIRATES. What a waste.