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Sunday, September 02, 2007 

An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object

Somtimes the greatest things can be found in the most unexpected places.

It's a meeting that perhaps should have been heralded with a little pre-scene build-up, some boxing-like hype to prepare the world for the first-time confrontation between these two carnal heavyweights.

In this corner, Ava "Diablo Córneo" Devine, a 33-year old Chinese-Italian force of adult nature hailing from Long Island, New York, the likes of which we have not seen from that state since Ariana Jollee and the closest thing to Devine's spiritual cousin, the legendary Vanessa Del Rio. Every inch - all woman, every curve - all dangerous.

Devine Retribution: All Your Nut Are Belong To Ava

Approaching thirty-two years of age, Manuel "Matador Sauvage" Ferrara is a multiple award-winning and reigning AVN Male Performer of the Year. The Frenchman has left more than his fair share of stretched out but extremely satisfied female orifices in his uncircumsized wake. He's every bit the aggressive destroyer that Devine's fans consider her to be but his frequent former parter, co-conspirator and debutante demolisher, Steve "Poppa" Holmes won't be able to have his back this time around with Ava. I'm not entirely sure it would even make a difference.

In recent weeks, citizens and media alike have made much ado about MIchael Vick and dog fighting. What they need to be concerned with are putting two pit bulls like these in the same arena together and turning them loose to have sex. It is similarly inhumane. It's not a pairing I would have expected from Naughty America and their "Diary of a MILF" website but here it is, nonetheless, and other than a familiar set, with the two principles involved it feels nothing like typical Naughty America fare. The set-up is unimportant (unless you somehow find bad acting enjoyable) as Manu attacks Ava in typical fashion, ravaging her bald twat with his fingers and tongue before Devine begins the game of physical one upsmanship by doing her best to swallow his beer can-sized cock. She screams (amongst other things) "I want that big cock in my pussy!" as she maneuvers herself onto Ferrara's lap for reverse cowgirl from the spoon position and uncharacteristically bares her breasts, something she has seemingly been reluctant to do since having somewhat unattractive and visible scarring from her reduction. There's more power-fucking of Devine's gash in cowgirl (people still tend to overlook Ava's absolutely marvelous, thick and meaty ass) and doggie and her hair begins to stick to her glistening face. Alot of kissing accompanies the missionary and Ava is a giddy school girl by the time Ferrara strokes several streams of semen directly into her mouth and onto her face. She's a shiny mess at the conclusion but that's Ava at the end of ANY scene. It's not often you see Ava meet her match but she got "handled" by Ferrara and that alone is enough to deem this scene somewhat historic and noteworthy.

Twenty-seven minutes and thirty-five seconds of pure mayhem courtesy of Naughty America. Check it out. It's due to be on their DVD release of Diary of a MILF: Vol 7.

Laura from Naughty America said: "Glad you liked it. Ava was literally unable to form complete sentences during that scene. Hot stuff."