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Tuesday, December 25, 2007 


Sometimes with all the porn talk, it's easy to forget I'm a hoops head first (well, maybe behind hip-hop). I remember watching this game last year during the playoffs and damn near dropping my phone on Golden State's previous possession, when Baron Davis nailed some crazy, twisting, out-of-control, spinning floater in the lane and the Warriors suddenly became the most entertaining they've been to watch since the Run-TMC era (or possibly the Tim Hardaway, Latrell Spreewell & Chris Webber period) there "back in the day". The momentum was clearly going ALL their way, the game was for all intents and purposes over (119-99 with less than three minutes to go in the 4th quarter) and the crowd noise? Off the fuckin' meter (and they actually HAD a meter to prove it), even for the playoffs. It didn't hurt that the Warriors had just pulled off one of the biggest upsets in recent basketball history by eliminating the number one seed, the Dallas Mavericks, in the previous round. Then THIS happened. If I almost dropped my phone the play before, I about threw that bitch and ran outta the room when I saw this insane shizz.

The NBA: Where Get Your Bitch-Ass Out The Way, Nigga happens.

Davis got Kirilenko straight up, too. It wasn't on some "he got me when my back was turned" or "I came to help out late" shit. Baron gets around Williams at the top of the key and AK-47 is right there to meet Davis in the paint. He's facing him, his arms outstretched in a feeble attempt to block what he has NO IDEA is coming and they both leave their feet at exactly the same time. It just didn't pan out for Andrei; I guarantee you the shit didn't go how he was probably envisioning it a few split seconds before the unthinkable happened. And leave it to Stephen Jackson (a perpetual cheerleader for foolishness, as evidenced by his behavior off the court as well as his role in the Indiana Pacers vs. The Palace at Auburn Hills melee a few seasons back) to come over and rub salt in Utah's wound by helping Baron (who got a tech for excessive celebrating/taunting for lifting his jersey after the dunk) celebrate by brushing his shoulders off FOR HIM after this downright vicious yoke.

"Nasty...to say the least."

This ish was so powerful that it turned Mike Tirico, the "whitest" black sportscaster since Bryant Gumble and Ahmad Rashad, into a nigga again! Listen to his call. Hubie Brown is saying whatever bullshit he was talking about and all of sudden you hear Tirico cut him off mid-sentence: "OOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAW, MAAAAAAAN!" I still end up rewinding this and watching it four or five times in a row. This was the night that B-Diddy made a "believer" out of me.

And Andrei Kirilenko, for sure.