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Wednesday, April 18, 2007 

Lately, I'm Finding Natasha Nice & Bree Oslon More Addictive Than Nicotine.

I'd like to tell them both...

The Venetian's Circle Bar, at least during the Adult Entertainment Expo, serves as the unofficial base of operations for the denizens of the porn community as long as they are in town. Every night, swarms of horny bees buzz around and skirt its fringes, paying $6 a pop for a Corona that they can get for $4 not fifty yards away at the Grand Lux Cafe. But it's all about location, location, location. If you can't find (or rather, can't gain admittance to) another party and are desperate to rub shoulders with or drunkenly pester your favorite "jerk before work" piece of ass, this is the place it'll likely get done.

Natasha Nice did her first scene on Oct. 12, 2006. Here she is in "SURFER CHICK WITH BIG TITS" and "NATASHA NICE", both courtesy of the Bang Bros Network site, Big Tits Round Asses.

It was there, surrounded by porno luminaries in the form of everyone from Mike John, Tim Von Swine, Jake Malone, Kevin Moore and Ava Rose to Manuel Ferrara, John Strong, Jazz Duro and Tricia Devereaux, (not simultaneously, mind you) and contemporaries like Skronker and pwing, that I first saw her. A tiny, extremely cute and incredibly busty girl literally bounced by me barefoot, rushing up to a friend on the other side of the bar. "Oh my God, who was that?" I thought. I didn't ask aloud and I hardly wanted to make a big deal about her with all the other hotness constantly strolling by and in most cases, standing nearby. "I'm sure I'll catch her later," I told myself. Well, I didn't. Maybe as the week flew by I didn't even realize who I was looking for or somehow got otherwise sidetracked (the most likely explanation). Either way, the next time I saw Natasha Nice (the girl on the far right of my blog's banner) it was at my house (in "Teens with Tits 9") long after AEE had ended. But l'affaire de Nice' had just begun. From the moment I saw her I knew there was something special about N-Squared.

"I am on a nastier level of nasty than anyone I know. In fact I am so sick in the head sexually I can’t even say everything I’m into because it's just so forbidden and illegal!" Bree Olson in Smash Pictures' "WHALE TAIL 3" and Elegant Angel's "BIG WET ASSES 10."

Equally as hot and an early favorite to go head-to-head with Natasha for Best New Starlet honors in January is a girl whose bandwagon has grown to mammoth proportions since her debut; so massive it's definitely on some "standing room only" shit. Over at the Smash Pictures booth sat the do-it-all blonde phenom, Bree Olson. Every year a new girl comes along and changes expectations of what a "new" girl is supposed to be like. Bree Olson effortlessly carries on the proud tradition typified in recent years by the likes of Gauge, Aurora Snow, Taylor Rain, Jenna Haze and lately, Sasha Grey. It's impossible to postulate what young Bree needs to do to improve her performances at this stage in her career...she's absolutely perfect as is. At a time where the game is getting stale and there are few truly unique personalities and talents to invigorate or hold consumers' interest, The Greatest Freakshow on Earth is a revelation; anyone watching Bree for the first time will find she serves as a sobering reminder of why you ever watched porn in the first place. She's not the next big thing -- she's a sure thing.