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Sunday, May 04, 2008 

"It's Complicated..."

A Messiah complex is a state in which the individual believes him/herself to be, or is destined to become, the saviour of the particular field, a group, an event, a time period, or in an extreme scenario, the world.

I happen to have a Mariah complex. Mariah Milano has, in recent times, proven herself to be, if she chose to, a standout talent in the latina genre. With the help of her model-gorgeous face, her smooth bronze complexion and unmistakable tanlines, not to mention her perpetually-erect and puffy nipples, her scenes have been transcendent and powerful; if no one else’s, she saves MY world from time to time. Based strictly on physical appearance, she's totally my type: it's almost as if it were fate.

The Cassandra complex is a term applied in situations in which valid warnings, predictions or concerns are dismissed or disbelieved.

For months now I’ve lived with the pain of the foreknowledge that Cassandra Calogera is the “future” while having my opinion dismissed as the insane ramblings of a sick porn-addled mind. But in the large natural breast arena I’ve known since I first laid eyes on her, her trademark pout and hypnotizing gaze that Cassandra is The Redeemer and all lesser performers will one day kneel at her feet.