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Wednesday, February 07, 2007 

The Shortest Month for the Longest People

Back in November of this year, a magazine which shall remain nameless contacted me to conduct several interviews with prominent black figures in adult entertainment. It didn’t take much deliberation for me to decide on speaking with Justin Slayer.

Through his business partner and cameraman, HJ, I was able to track Slayer down and after a few false starts we finally got going, having a really interesting and laugh-filled casual conversation that lasted well over three hours.

I didn’t record the proceedings for fear it might cause either or both of us to be 'less than natural' and destroy the laid back, “just a talk between friends” atmosphere I was striving to produce in order to build the rapport I needed to get the kind of answers I wanted. When all was said and done, I had all that I wanted and MORE (I cut quite a bit of controversial content for fear the magazine wouldn’t run it and it would destroy a few relationships, business and personal. I also excised a few other interesting things such as how he met Boz, Nat Turnher’s failed first foray into the business, how Justin gave Nat his stage name, Slayer speculating on a notable male performer's sexuality and the "Ayana Angel" situation, amongst other things).

Upon completion of the piece I submitted it to the interested party and sadly they opted not to publish it, for reasons still unclear to me. They ensured me a kill fee would be forthcoming (which I still haven’t seen) and that we would do more work in the future (my phone hasn’t rang). Meanwhile, this interview sits, its shelf life rapidly expiring. I may have destroyed my near non-existent relationship with the magazine, I may have now ruined my chances of getting my long overdue pay but I figure this had to be seen; it's only right considering the time Justin and HJ gave me. It’s more important to me that his fans get to read the real deal than for me to receive a phantom check and the promise of more work. So here it is, in honor of Black History Month (almost) in it’s entirety, the fit-for-print Justin Slayer Interview.


One night, in the not-so-distant past, Justin Slayer found himself in a situation not unfamiliar to young Black men in America. A traffic stop and contraband that belonged to a passenger (Justin was the driver) in the glove compartment led to a short stint in jail. Back on the street, Slayer had an important decision to make. With his other hustles “drying up” perhaps he would take the suggestion given to him by Diana Devoe, whom he had met at one of the many “fuck parties” (swinger parties) he regularly attended, to heart and give performing in adult videos a try. After all, by his own admission, he was a natural.

“I’ve been a playa all my life, man,” he relates to me over the phone. “I like girls and girls like me. It wasn’t no shock to nobody I knew when they found out I was doing this. Long before porn, I was already living the lifestyle. I was already setting up cameras in my bedroom.”

Surprisingly, it isn’t uncommon to see male fans embrace him as warmly as female fans or to stand in line for long periods of time…to have their girlfriends and wives meet Justin and take pictures with him. Anyone that has met Justin in person knows that he is, to borrow an oft-used cliché, the kind of guy you want to be and the kind of guy girls want to be with. Talking to him, it’s easy to see why: he’s an entertaining, eloquent, engaging and flat-out funny conversationalist. And boy, is he talkative. But he’s also the type of talker you don’t mind spending several hours listening to. He has a unique way of breaking down things that should be complicated and making them sound embarrassingly simple. For example:

I think one of the first things someone new to your work will notice is that you tend to keep your shoes and sunglasses on during scenes. What started that?
“Lighting. If the lighting on set is just right, where it needs to be for the consumer to see everything right, then it’s really bright and it fucks with my eyes and gives me headaches. I can’t do a scene if I’ve got a migraine and shit. So I keep’em on. I wear my shades all the time anyway, even when I’m not working. That’s just me. Plus, I pay a lot of money for’em so I don’t wanna leave’em laying around for somebody to step on or break’em or some shit. The shoes thing is all about traction. Try it. The next time you diggin’ a broad out, leave your shoes on and see if don’t get more traction that way.”

After making a splash as a performer, Justin began directing in addition to performing; first with West Coast Productions before moving to Exquisite Multimedia before finally landing at his current home, as an exclusive contract director with arguably the best gonzo distributor in the adult industry, Evil Angel. His name remains synonymous with the many great lines he has created over the years: Slayer Unleashed, Freshly Slayed, Phatty Girls and more but one series stands head and shoulders above the rest with his fans.

“The thing about the Black Pipe Layers movies is that they’re a very difficult thing to do. To be in a d.p. with another man is a hard position to be in, physically and mentally. So you want people around that you’re comfortable with so that you can focus and put all your attention on the girl and not on the other guy. I had that chemistry with Monty and Boz.”

Not only is the series hard on the male talent but it has left many a veteran starlet sore and needing days to recover. Long story short, Black Pipe Layers was all about Slayer and his cohorts “fucking the living daylights” out of assorted white women. And fans of ALL races ate it up with a spoon. But as The Roots would say, Things Fall Apart, and the nucleus that once comprised the core of the BPL posse is no more. When talk turns to the reasons as to why, it is clearly evident that it is a situation Slayer truly laments. “I’m still not over that to be honest with you.” Of J. Monty, Justin says Monty simply had too many “personal issues” to deal with that spilled over to his work, forcing Slayer to finally “push the button” on their relationship. On Boz, he’s a bit more animated and you can hear the frustration in his voice when he decides to finally spill the story.

“Real talk? It was some primadonna bullshit that caused that. I came into the game used to the attention. I lifted weights, I played ball, I ran track, whatever, so I wasn’t trippin’. But some people weren’t ready for that and didn’t know how to handle it. He made some bad decisions and it’s easy to make bad decisions. Money changes things and people’s heads got big. It went from dudes just being happy to be fucking these girls – so happy they would’ve done it for free; wondering how we even got passports to leave the country and screw these broads in Eastern Europe – to suddenly when we were traveling, he had to have his own room with a king-sized bed and all that when the rest of us were doubling up in rooms, trying to cut corners and save money so we can hire more girls, shoot more scenes and make more money.” On sets, drama would ensue over things as simple as bottled water.

Despite the friction of the past, Justin says he reached out to Boz in an attempt to mend fences and bring him back into the fold. It never came to fruition. “I might spearhead this thing but I’m not the only one he has to answer to and get along with,” Slayer offers.

Looking at what Boz does today, Slayer is disappointed. What bothers him is Boz’s participation in movies like Hush Hush Entertainment’s Daddy’s Worst Nightmare series where a non-black director and non-black female talent freely and frequently throw around the n-word, most times in the direction of the black male talent. Slayer’s baffled as to how one can work in that environment. He affects a convincing and hilarious hillbilly accent to mimic what he hears in the videos, “What would your father do if he found out you were fucking a nigger? He’d kill that fucking niggerrrrrrr!”

This sparks an annoyed tirade. “This industry is racist as shit, man. How come it’s only considered interracial if you’re having sex with a black man? You could have a Chinese or Korean girl…and then you got her with Nacho. He’s speaking Spanish and everything. How is that not interracial? Jack Napier is Puerto Rican. But the business considers him black.”

“I just don’t understand some things sometimes. Now you tell me what man sits at home and fantasizes about his girl going to the grocery store, buying a quart of milk and an enema, coming home, loading the enema with the milk and squirting the milk out of her ass? Who’s turned on by that? I mean, what’s next? You might as well just have the girl shit. Or make the milk shit-colored. Who decided that milk was the liquid of choice anyway? I just don’t get all this shit with transsexuals and strap-ons and all that. When did we get to the point that just regular sex ain’t good enough?”
I often ask the same thing. For example, I don’t get it when a guy is doing a girl doggie and he steps on her head at the same time. What girl asks for that?
“Half the girls that do that shit don’t even really enjoy it. They just do that to get noticed, to make a name for themselves. I’d rather shoot a girl that’s actually going to enjoy what she’s doing.”

Casting such girls isn’t a problem for Slayer’s camp. His movies have basically served as his calling card for years and freaks all over the country regularly contact him to be in his movies. They can’t wait to fuck Justin. But who can Justin not wait to fuck?

“Olivia O’Lovely is special. There’s just something about her. Sophie Dee got that killer good. Avy Scott got some real good pussy. Gianna. Belladonna, I’ve got to mention her. She is no motherfuckin’ joke. She is just pure. Ayana Angel has the same energy. I could fuck her all day. It takes a little bit more to get her to hit that gear that Bella seems to start at but once she’s there… Beauty. Pinky. And for some reason, Lola keeps popping into my mind. I had a good time with her. Naomi. Angel Dark, of course. Melanie Crush. Jane Darling. Adora. You know who had some real good pussy? Audrey James. Remember her? The big-tittied black girl? Her scenes looked terrible but her pussy was good as shit. And do you know who has the best pussy in the whole world? Angel Long. Yes, the real tall blonde girl. Best pussy in the world.”
Your scene in Big Booty White Girls 4 with Flower Tucci is up for Best Anal Sex Scene at the Adult Video News Awards this year. No love for Flower?
“Flower’s cool. But I think she and I both will tell you we could have done a better scene. That wasn’t a good day for either of us. When I saw that nomination, I couldn’t figure it out.”

It is his growing disenchantment with current industry trends that has Justin currently contemplating retiring from performing soon.

“I never really wanted to do this in the first place. I always just wanted to direct and produce. But it saved money for me to jump in there. And I knew I could do the shit…”
And if you want things done right…
But who steps in on the performance-side if and when you walk away?
“I keep my ear to the street. I’m still looking for next young cats out there making noise.”
So where would you like to retire to when all this over and done with?
“Brazil. There are so many bad women down there. I could just kick back on the beach and chill.”
But you named so many European women as your favorites earlier…
“Yeah, but their winters are too cold.”
Curiously ironic words from a man world-renowned for keeping on his construction boots during his scenes. Perhaps subconsciously, that’s what the sunglasses are really for: his future amongst a bevy of phat, round Portuguese asses in Rio.

It is indeed a real shame that such a classy and honest soul revealing in-depth interview is buried pre-maturely. It is an eye 0pener for people who drool over porn flicks thinking the studs are having a never ending party(all expenses paid)when all they are worried about is to stick it in right so that there is no leak in their bank balance.After all even pornstars are as gud or as bad as their last release(pun intended.
Quite frankly if you cud get some gud pictures that are not obviously xxx then I cud help you to publish it across India & Asia and subsequently it wud pave the way for a series of features. I already have Veronica Brazil,Richard Mann & suzi Suzuki ready so we cud do it big time.
If interested mail me either at dalipshandil@hotmail.com or dalip.treasurefilms@yahoo.co.in



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