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Tuesday, February 27, 2007 

Who's Gonna Take The Weight??? III

Jenna Jameson is without question the most well-known and successful female performer ever in the adult industry. Besides being an exceptional and eye-catching piece of ass in her early days, she also gives every new potential talent fresh-off-the-bus with stars in their eyes the hope that they, too might one day not have to submit to indignities like cream pie gangbangs or double-anal penetrations and possibly transform into respectable entrepreneurs who found and run multi-million dollar companies, never having to suffer the humiliation of another on-camera milk enema ever again. This isn't necessarily a pipe dream, per se, but I consider Jenna the exception rather than the rule, of course and strive as they might, these naive and impressionable youths need to realize they may never become and we may never see "The Next Jenna."

... and if her current appearance tells us anything, we might not even see "The Old Jenna" ever again. The Face of Modern Adult Entertainment is a shocking visual commentary on the current state of the industry. What happened exactly? Plastic surgeries? Drugs? The divorce? Whatever is to blame, the transformation Jenna Jameson has undergone in just under a year's time is a lot for any fan to mentally process (or dare I say, digest?). This is a case when a few pictures are indeed worth more than a thousand of my words.